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Why vaping might not be the best choice

The human gastrointestinal system is designed to intake vitamins, minerals and beneficial substances. Lungs are designed to intake oxygen. Why vaping might not be the best choice. Read More Read…

The Centers For Disease Control

The Centers For Disease Control have made available a comprehensive set of information related to cigarettes and to nicotine. Read More

Nicotine is known to enhance attentiveness and memory

Abstract: Rationale and objective Empirical studies indicate that nicotine enhances some aspects of attention and cognition, suggesting a role in the maintenance of tobacco dependence. The purpose of this review…

Human Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics

Abstract: A multitude of roles for the endogenous cannabinoid system has been proposed by recent research efforts. A large number of endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitters or endocannabinoids have been identified, and……