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Does CBD Help with Sleep?

Does CBD Help with Sleep?

The anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) have been well documented across several studies, but sleep is an area that has seen relatively few conclusions. As we learn more about how CBD interacts with different areas and chemicals in the brain, we find that it does, in some ways, effect how we sleep. Though there is evidence to show that it may reduce symptoms of insomnia, the actual cause of sleep issues are wide-ranging and may not see any benefit from CBD.

Due to its interactions with GABA, CBD has been shown to regulate excess activity in the brain. It is the same reason why CBD is being researched as an anxiolytic drug. So, if your sleep issues are related to anxiety or stress, then CBD may be a viable sleep aid for you. It is worth bearing in mind that CBD does not have consistent effects from person to person – there is a trend towards reducing anxiety, but it is not a catchall, and when we are talking about sleep there are numerous other factors in play that may be at fault.

Causes of Sleep Issues

Sleep issues arise from a few major areas. Physically, sleep apnea may hinder sleep by restricting airflow to the lungs and making it difficult to breathe. It can often go undetected, as it is not necessarily accompanied by snoring. Other physical issues may not see a direct benefit from CBD use, though it is an individual experience and varies from person to person.

 Depending on your line of work or sleep habits, CBD’s effects can only go so far. While it may improve your sleep duration and ability to fall asleep, staying awake against your circadian rhythm will almost definitely be a pain point for getting a good night’s rest. CBD may be useful in instances where it would help to fall asleep at an earlier time than your body is used to.

Sleep clinics are an increasingly popular service that attempt to find the root cause of your sleep issues. A doctor can monitor your sleep overnight to discover what ails your sleep which will help to better understand and resolve the issue at hand.

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Using CBD for Sleep

It is difficult to give a one size fits all metric for dosing CBD oil. Cannabinoid receptors are distributed throughout the body differently between people, and the way the chemical is processed varies in turn. Depending on how it interacts with your body, there can be negative side effects as well. So if you are planning to try out CBD oil, it is advisable to start with a low dosage and work up in consistent increments.

What About THC for Sleep?

Unlike CBD, THC tends to induce a drowsy effect in most users. For this reason, it may help with falling asleep, but not necessarily the quality of that sleep. CBD works by countering the cause of insomnia at the source as it lowers anxiety and allows the body to relax. This means that THC can actually worsen sleep for some people.

There are many supplements and natural products on the market, such as melatonin, that are marketed as sleep aids. Each one is unique in how it effects sleep, and so it is worth investigating your options and consulting your doctor before jumping on the latest trend. Current research on CBD has shown it to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, and so for certain people it might be the right path to a restful sleep. As more research comes out on sleep and CBD, we will be sure to keep you all in the loop!

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