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Pet Owners and Veterinarians- CBD May be the Solution You Need

Pet Owners and Veterinarians- CBD May be the Solution You Need


Cannabis infused medicinal products for pets are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many companies who specialize in cannabis-derived items and edibles for humans are making the transition into the CBD pet market. More veterinarians are incorporating CBD extracts into their pet pain management. Lexaria Bioscience specializes in patented technology that allows CBD to bypass the liver and become more bioavailable to the system.

Along with making supplements easier to absorb, our technology relies on extraction methods that eliminate negative tastes and smells, making CBD products more palatable, for humans and pets alike. While no long-term studies of CBD on pets has been conducted, many veterinarians are using these alternative health and well-being items to treat the following pet conditions including:


  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy


CBD For Pet Anxiety

Whether Rover has separation anxiety issues when you are away at work or school or trembles during every lightning storm or fireworks show, pet anxiety can manifest for a variety of reasons. This can translate to finding destroyed furniture, computer cords and shoes for some individuals each time they return home.


Other dogs may exhibit signs of depression that make them want to sleep all day and become inactive and disinterested in activities they used to love. Perhaps, your cat or dog has suffered an accident and now lives in chronic pain. More veterinarians are prescribing CBD products and noticing a positive result. Due to the current legalities surrounding the issue, the B.C. College of Veterinarians has made it clear that veterinarians are not to recommend CBD or prescribe it, even though there are promising benefits and plenty of anecdotal evidence of how effective it is. A large part of the hesitancy may have to do with the swirling myths that surround CBD.


CBD: Chronic Pain & Arthritis Relief for Pets

Lexaria Bioscience is excited to be on the forefront of cannabidiol delivery for chronic pain applications. Our patented DehydraTECH™ technology and the ability for CBD to bypass the liver and be absorbed much faster equates to a phenomenal increase in bioavailability and absorption. For example, a compound that relies on the liver for absorption may take an hour or longer prior to pain relief kicking in, compared to 15 or 20 minutes. Whether you have two legs or four, this is a tremendous difference in wait time and relief. Animals involved in traffic accidents, hip dysplasia and other musculoskeletal concerns are successfully being treated with CBD infused pet products.


Cancer & CBD For Your Pet

Unfortunately, domesticated animals can suffer from different types of cancer including tumors, growths and more. Similar to how many humans incorporate CBD products into their healthcare routine to combat lack of appetite and pain relief, veterinarians are noting that animals experience the benefits of including CBD in their recovery or as part of their pain management strategy with proper dosing. Helping your pet relax, eat and sleep during their convalescence is a vital part of their recovery.


CBD for Pet Epilepsy


CBD has been making the news as a popular treatment for reducing seizures in humans and the applications are showing similar for pets suffering from epilepsy. Many animals have a hard time tolerating their regular medication. Certain health issues such as epilepsy may see an animal on multiple prescriptions simultaneously. Due to the synergistic effect CBD can have on traditional medications, more veterinarians find that adding CBD to their current protocol can reduce seizures over time, which in turn, can lead to a reduction of their daily medication. Many anti-seizure drugs come with significant side effects including liver toxicity. Being able to eventually lower the dose of their prescription meds over time is ideal for many pet conditions.

Lexaria Bioscience Is Revolutionizing CBD Delivery for Pets & Humans

Lexaria Bioscience implements DehydraTECH technology for a host of commercial applications including vitamin supplements, CBD infused beverages, edibles and more.

Contact our team today to discuss how your formulation can benefit from faster absorption, better taste and less smell by incorporating DehyraTECH technology. We look forward to hearing about your product and offering absorption solutions!

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