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Our New Partnership With Hill Street Beverage Co

Our New Partnership With Hill Street Beverage Co


When most people think of cannabis and legalization, they conjure an image of smoke billowing out of a pipe or a bong.

In reality, the legalization of cannabis opens up many doors for our society and economy outside of traditional smoking activities. From CBD infused massage oils to delicate pastries that contain THC, the options are endless.

Our DehydraTECH technology helps most fat-soluble molecules to pass through the human gastrointestinal system. What does this mean for the cannabis industry? This technology can increase the effectiveness and impact of products containing both THC and CBD.


Our Latest Partnership

Lexaria has already explored numerous markets which include infused teas, brain-boosting supplements and nutritional bars. In our next endeavour, we have partnered with Hill Street Beverage Co in a pursuit of cannabis-infused beverages.


What are Cannabis Infused Beverages?

cannabis-infused-beverages-wine-Hill Street Beverage Co-Lexaria

Cannabis can be infused into any sort of beverage. Anything from soda to beer can be paired with cannabis to provide the effects and benefits of THC and CBD. The Lexaria Beverage Co-partnership will primarily concentrate on non-alcoholic wine and beer that has been infused with cannabis extracts.

These beverages will provide a “buzz” or a high without the assistance of alcohol. Image meeting your friends on a patio on a Friday afternoon and being able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis while you enjoy a beverage.


Hill Street Beverage Co.

Hill Street Beverage Co is a beverage company that provides delicious alternatives for those who do not wish to consume alcohol.

There are those who wish to go for a night out and not have a hangover. Others have struggled with alcohol abuse in the past but still, want to be in a social environment. And then there are those who can’t consume alcohol due to medications.

Hill Street Beverage Co creates amazing, award-winning beverages but they also are a company that is committed to giving back. They support organizations such as The March for Dimes, Prostate Cancer Canada, and the Canadian Liver Foundation. After tasting their beverages and seeing the impact they are making in their community, we knew they were the perfect partners for Lexaria.


Cannabis Infused Beverages That Taste Great.

Our New Partnership With Hill Street Beverage Co

One of the benefits of Lexaria’s DehydraTECH technology is that provides all the benefits of the substance (in this case cannabis) with none of the negative aftertastes. The new beverages produced with Hill Street Beverage Co tastes like award-winning craft wines and beers- not cannabis.

Do you currently produce a product that could incorporate cannabis in the future? Connect with our licencing team today to explore partnership opportunities!

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