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Why Absorption is So Important for CBD Products

Why Absorption is So Important for CBD Products


Imagine investing in the purest health supplements with the highest hopes of feeling better, only to discover that none of that vitality was bioavailable to your system…


Wasting time and money without experiencing any positive results is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, there is now a better option. Lexaria’s DehydraTECH technology is revolutionizing CBD absorption and bioavailability. This is huge progress in regards to how active ingredients are able to be utilized within the body. Products with limited absorption are unable to provide the results they claim. Feel secure opting for high-quality edibles, tinctures and supplements that offer DehydraTECH technology.


The Healing Powers of CBD

There are numerous healing claims that have been associated with regular consumption of Cannabidiol or CBD. Scientists continue to study how CBD influences certain receptors within the body while stimulating healing pathways for a variety of ailments. Chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, pain, certain cancers, epilepsy, anxiety and depression are just a sprinkling of health conditions that this natural compound is being used for with positive results. In order for any of these health concerns to be alleviated, the non-psychoactive compound CBD needs to be adequately absorbed. DehydraTECH accomplishes this amazing feat.

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Without Bioavailability, You Might As Well Be Taking Sugar Pills

Proper absorption of any supplement is vital in order for clients to obtain results. How a product is administered, whether sublingually under the tongue, ingested, inhaled or applied topically to our largest organ our skin, factors into how the CBD can enter the bloodstream for transport to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. While ingestion is commonly thought to be fastest and easiest way to deliver medicine, bioavailability often becomes compromised after being digested by certain liver enzymes. DehydraTECH has become a global leader in enhancing the gastrointestinal delivery of edible CBD products. This phenomenal technology additionally enhances the palatability, flavor and bouquet of consumer products; making it applicable to a variety of industries beyond the CBD sector.


Lymphatic vs. Hepatic Transport

Lymphatic Transport: Certain products are capable of faster action and onset as they do not require biotransformation via the liver. Lexaria utilizes long chain fatty acids in these cases as they bypass the liver and enter the circulation much faster from the lymphatic lacteals. This is especially valuable in pain relief compounds.

Hepatic Transport: Certain products require liver metabolism to complete the necessary biotransformation prior to accessing the general circulation. Lexaria utilizes medium chain fatty acids within the formulation, as these are absorbed by the portal vein to the liver for processing. This is preferred for compounds that require metabolism by liver enzymes to enable pharmacological activity.

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Time Released Technology

Certain DehydraTECH formulations may combine medium and long chain fatty acids to create both sustained and fast acting preparations. Time released formulas often provide quick relief and continue to deliver over a duration of several hours.


Absorption Is Vital To Product Success

Regardless, of how a person administers and prefers their CBD consumption, absorption is essential. Lexaria’s DehydraTECH technology provides accountability and accuracy in terms of compound delivery. Customers can feel confident that they are choosing maximum bioavailability. Enhancing absorption can mean lower dosing and less waste…items your body and your wallet will both appreciate.

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