Lexaria Bioscience Corp. | Dr. Carla Lema Tome

Dr. Carla Lema Tome

Advisor & Consultant

Dr. Carla Lema Tome is an industry consultant an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.  She is widely published on topics including but not limited to cellular and molecular neuroscience, inflammation, neurodegeneration, and cancer biology.  She has extensive experience in global medical and commercial strategy consulting with emphasis on integrated clinical development, asset and portfolio strategy, launch planning payer research and payer value communications. Her work supporting bioscience projects with high market potential includes development of forecast and valuation models, conducting strategic analyses of the competitive and market access environment, and developing integrated plans and innovative strategies to maximize asset value.  Dr. Lema Tome earned her PhD in Neurobiology and Anatomy and her MBA from Wake Forest University.  She also earned an MS in Biological Sciences, Marine Biology, from the Florida Institute of Technology.